No Way to Behave at a Funeral-comments from readers

“I’ve just read your book and it is very impressive. You are a gifted writer. Your book is deeply personal and honest. Like a narrative poem of love and longing.”- Brenda

“Your book is a wonderful piece of writing and a very important book. It was quite an honour to read it.” – Sally

“Noel, you have a rare gift for artculating feelings and emotions and display great bravery in laying bare your most personal thoughts.” – Mike

“I loved hearing your story, thank you. I know a number of men who would appreciate hearing your story. There are a lot of resources available for women, but not much that is specific to the journey of  a man. A big thank you for your honesty about sex. A big issue that is so often ignored by our books, articles. We are left to answer those questions on our own. Not easy.” – Michael


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