No Way to Behave at a Funeral-a review

This book is an intensely personal account of the author’s journey after the death of his beloved wife, Maris.

Noel Braun bares it all in these pages. Grief and loss are as much a part of life as birth and love- we all will endure these at some time in our lives. So this book can be a comfort to others facing the loss of a loved one.

The author’s pain is raw, more so because his wife died by suicide after suffering many years of depression. He felt not only tremendous grief, but tremendous guilt that he could not have prevented his wife’s death.

The author has been brutally honest in this account of his life as a widower. This book is well written, and, as the author says, it is a love story first and foremost.

Wendy O’Hanlon     Cick-A Cultural Connection


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