No Way to Behave at a Funeral

I have just published a new book. Entitled No Way to behave at a Funeral, it is a memoir of my journey following the death by suicide of my wife Maris after years of suffering depression. The comments on the back cover are as follows:

The abrupt ending of a life by suicide can be the most catastrophic of events for those left behind. Survivors experience intense pain and massive guilt. Guilt banishes survivors to a place so removed from the normal hurley-burly of everyday life that they feel close to madness. Somehow they have to claw their way back.

Noel accepted that there was no way around his anguish and met suffering head on. His pain allowed him to discover the richness with him and to grow in wisdom which he hopes might be of benefit to others.

Maris’ death did not shut her out of Noel’s life. She remains a very real presence. This is a love story with a difference.


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2 Responses to “No Way to Behave at a Funeral”

  1. Vintage Green Writer Says:

    God luck, Noel. I can only imagine the journey you have been on. I’m sure you will help and inspire countless others by sharing it.

  2. ceade Says:

    Very poignant introduction to your book, Noel. I agree with Vintage Green Writer in saying that I’m sure you will help others who share this kind of loss.

    Good luck with your book, Noel. It’s an important message to get out there.

    Best wishes,
    Carolyn (Social Graces)

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